The Right Approach

The way a Muslim goes about doing anything, the intention he has, plays an important part in determining whether that action will be of benefit in the Hereafter or not.
Consider this:

MOOSA (ALAHIS SALAAM) asked to see Allah Ta’ala:
O my Lord, I wish to see You… (Qur’aan)
Allah Ta’ala did not punish him for the request but rather, explained that none could see Him. Allah Ta’ala revealed a little of His grandeur to a mountain which crumbled to dust and Moosa (alaihis salaam) fell unconscious.
A group of Moosa (alaihis salaam)’s people from the Bani Israaeel asked a similar question:
They asked Moosa ... ‘We want to see Allah clearly’ (Qur’aan)
They were punished for this. What was the difference? Before we give the answer, let us take another example:

My Lord, show me how You will bring the dead to life… (Qur’aan)
Allah Ta’ala showed him how by getting him to cut 4 birds, mixing the pieces and calling them. All the birds came to life in perfect shape.
On the other hand, the idol-worshippers of Makkah also asked questions regarding life after death and were taken to task for them. What was the difference?

THE DIFFERENCE was in the approach and motive behind the questions. Moosa (alaihis salaam) believed in Allah but wanted to see Him out of love for Him. The Bani Israaeel wanted to see Allah as proof that He existed.
Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) asked the question to strenghten his belief in life after death. The idol-worshippers didn’t believe in it and asked the questions in mockery.
In everything we do, the intention must be to Please Allah. This applies to business, studies and mundane activities like marriage, etc.
The first Hadith out of thousands in Bukhari is: Actions are judged by their intentions. Our motives are crucial factors in determining whether we are rewarded or not.

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