A True Friend

Ahmed was coming home late at night. His father asked him where he had been. Ahmed said that he sat with a friend of his and, when they got to speaking, time flew. His father asked to go with to see his friend and Ahmed agreed to take him the following night.
The next night Ahmed was ready but his father delayed him until they were an hour late. They went to Ahmed’s friend’s house. Ahmed knocked and said that he’d brought his father to visit. The friend said, ‘I’m busy. You should have come on time. Come tomorrow.’
Ahmed and his father walked away. Ahmed’s father said, ‘Let me take you to my friend. I haven't seen him in years.’ They went to his house. Ahmed’s father knocked and his friend called out that they should wait.
They heard noises from inside the house. The door opened and there stood Ahmed’s father’s friend. He was an old man with a basket on his head, a bag under his arm and a walking stick. Ahmed’s father wanted to teach Ahmed a lesson and asked the friend why he had these things with him. The friend replied, ‘I thought here was my friend after so many years and late at night too. Therefore he must be in need. Either he needs food, so I got some foodstuff in the basket on my head. Or he needs money, so I put together some cash in the bag. Or maybe someone is after him. I’m old, but I brought my stick to help out.’
We need to be true friends for all Muslims, ready to help at times of need in whatever way possible. As you treat others, so shall they treat you.

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