In this series, we look briefly at the life and achievements of the Ulama and Mashaaikh of PE/Uitenhage. The profiling is in no particular order.
Name: Ishaaq Ackerdien
Born: 1958 in South End, Port Elizabeth

Moulana Ishaaq did schooled at Bethelsdorp High. His early Islamic education was under his father, Hajee Hashim Ackerdien (cousin of late Sheikh Jameel rahimahumallah) who had a maktab in Gelvandale. Other early teachers were Imams Piney, Muhammad, Yaseen and Yusuf of Uitenhage. His grandmother also played a part in his early education. On completing schooling, Moulana went in 1976 for the 3-year Aalim course at Newcastle Darul Uloom. He completed this and, being the eldest child, went to look after his brothers and sisters on the death of his father in 1980.
Moulana taught Maktab with the Muslim Educational Institute at Malabar school from 1980-84. He then joined the Malabar Muslim Institute with Hafiz Ismail Ayyub. From 1989 until today, Moulana has been teaching Maktab in Uitenhage, travelling daily from PE. In 1994, Moulana joined the Girls’ Madressa which started at Bloemendaal Musjid. From 1995-2006 it was in Malabar and is now at new premises in Gelvandale. The Madressa offers Arabic, Hadith and Qur’aan classes for girls. In 1996 Moulana co-founded the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape. He is the Deputy Ameer. Moulana is active in welfare, marriage counselling, the Muslim Prison Board, and the United Ulama Council of SA. Moulana also spearheads relief work in Malawi through Nasrul Aalam Charitable Trust, a group he established due to the drought there. 30 wells have been dug and a Musjid built. Moulana went twice to India/Pakistan/Bangladesh for 4-month Tabligh. He went for Hajj in 1995 and has made 3 Umrahs. He also spent time at the Khanqah of Moulana Maseehullah rahimahullah.

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