Through local government elections the future of the country and the condition of its citizens are determined. If upright and competent candidates who have the welfare of the people at heart are appointed, the country will prosper with justice, peace and progress, and citizens will enjoy the fruit thereof.
The importance of local government cannot be over emphasised. Many issues that directly affect our day to day existence are decided at local government. If Muslims are going to be complacent, they will have none to blame than themselves.
According to Islamic Law, it is permissible to vote for a candidate who has the following qualities:

  • The candidate will be able to serve Muslims,
  • The candidate will not become an obstacle in our practicing Islamic Laws,
  • The candidate will protect the Muslims from oppression. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyya vol13 pg425)

Muslims are encouraged to vote for a candidate who fulfills these conditions. Muslims should vote and thereby contribute to good local governance so that all enjoy good services and efficient delivery.

[Jamiatul Ulama, KZN]

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