Media Review Network

Demonisation of Islam has intensified in mass media, like cinema, broadcast, internet and literature.
Media Review Network grew to meet the challenges posed by a sophisticated mass communication system in South Africa. It started with an informal grouping of individuals and Islamic Research Centre.
MRN tries to dispel myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. A Media Desk was set up to monitor reporting on Islam and Muslims, answer misconceptions and keep Muslims updated.

Aims and objectives
To monitor and analyse distortions, fabrications and double standards in media;
To arouse curiosity and interest in Islam;
To counter the onslaught on Islam;
To identify and nullify stereotypes e.g.: terrorists, fundamentalists, etc.
To express alternate perspectives on local and international issues;
To establish rapport with journalists, editors and key opinion formers;
To hold workshops on information usage;
To promote training of Muslims in communication/journalism;
To establish a network of co-operation with Muslims engaged in publication of Islamic newspapers and Muslim radio stations.


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