Beneficial advices from Moulana Yunus Patel on beating drug addiction
1. People spend thousands to ‘buy’ health. No one spends money to buy ill health. Health foods, diets, exercise equipment and the likes form a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Consider whether you are ‘purchasing’ health or ill health in expending money on drugs. Be it Cocaine, Crack, Heroin or Marijuana ill health is being purchased; sometimes at astronomical cost. Good health you were favoured with, which has been lost in the damage of your liver, lungs and mind, by drugs; sometimes cannot be restored with any medication and costly stays at rehabilitation centres.
2. Consider the many people who spend fortunes at courts to buy back respect, which they deem they lost by way of defamation of character. They sue and are rewarded a sum of money – the value and worth of his name and character! People spend hundreds of thousands on lavish weddings, etc. Presidents spend millions of taxpayers monies on inauguration celebrations. All this, for what? Name, respect and honour. What does a drug addict do? He spends his money buying disrespect, distrust, shame, humiliation and disgrace. Who would like to give his daughter in marriage to a drug addict? As a result of drug addiction, you are not trusted at home. Your father hides his cash and your mother hides her jewellery due to the fear that their son would stoop to any level to maintain his drug addiction. Neither are you trusted in the business you work at. Is this a respectable life? Is it worth bartering your permanent respect for a short term ‘high’? All kinds of defamatory ’ labels are given. You are called a ‘Dagga Rooker’, ‘Druggie’, etc. But you cannot claim for any defamation because you defamed yourself. Think about this stigma that you will carry for the rest of your life.
Moulana Yunus Patel

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