< Helpers Feeding Scheme is once again cooking and distributing food to the poor in various areas of PE. To help, contact: Shaheen Laher on 041 453 3225 or 073 515 0925.
< Radio IFM, the local Muslim Ramadaan Radio Station will be broadcasting on 107,5 FM from Sep 15. Studios are situated at 17 Anemone Street, Malabar.
< The MSA of Nelson Mandela University are running several projects this Ramadaan including provision of Iftaar for Muslim students staying on campus. They are also intending to provide hampers to poor Muslim students in Maktabs around PE. Contact Muhammad Cassim on 083 350 2316.
< Sunah Al Hayah or Life Makers are once again running the Ramadaan Bag project. This entails filling a bag with non-perishable food items to the value of R140. This will be distributed to the poor. Contact: Tel 041 452 1751 or 082 589 4473.
n In the last ten days, many Musjids will provide facilities for I’tikaaf. It is sunnah to spend the last ten days of Ramadaan in the Musjid. Contact nearest Musjid for details.
n Ladies’ Program every Wednesday in Ramadaan 11am-12pm at Musjid Shaakireen, Alyssum Cres, Malabar. Various Ulama.

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