The Hateem

Facts on this part of the Haram
The Hateem or Hijr is a semi-circular white-walled area situated between the Rukn Iraqi and Rukn Shami (opposite to the side which has the Rukn Yamaani and Hajr Aswad.
It is either called Hateem or Hijr (room) of Ismail alaihis salaam.
It is reported that at the time of building the Ka’bah, Ibrahim alaihis salaam built a dwelling made of wood from the Toothbrush Tree (Mustard or Salt-brush Tree, salvadore persica) and date palms in this area for Ismail alaihis salaam and his animals.
This narration shows that the Hateem was not part of the original Ka’bah. But the Quraish, when they rebuilt the Ka’bah, left out about 3 metres from this northern side of the Ka’bah and included it in the Hateem.
Thus, the area of the hateem of about 3 metres from the Ka’bah wall was part of the Ka’bah built by Ibrahim alaihis salaam, and the remainder area within the semi-circular wall is the Hijr of Ismail alaihis salaam.
From a narration we learn that Salaah performed in this area of 3 metres is Salaah actually performed in the Ka’bah.
The Turkish Ottoman builders put a special marble tile in the centre of the internal wall of the Hateem. This had a diagram of Musjidul Aqsa to show its direction. Z
From: Umm al-Qura, Bilal bin Ahmad

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