Preventing Drug Abuse

This is the third in a series designed to help parent’s of drug addicts cope. Drugs can be beaten
Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse
Be open about the subject. Ensure that the drug situation is something that is easy to talk about.
Be aware, be alert, and be knowledgeable.
Encourage your children to fight against drugs.
Set a good example. Don’t do drugs, cigarettes or drink alcohol yourself.
Encourage a full religious life
Don’t ignore negative tensions and negative undercurrents in your family, seek help.
Nurture confidence and self-esteem in your child
Be understanding.
Teach your children to find the courage to say NO!
Help your child to develop strong values by setting your own good example.
Set rules for children. Let them know what the consequences are so they know where the lines are drawn. Enforce these rules.
Be Prepared
Become knowledgeable about kinds of drugs that are commonly abused.
Find out why children experiment with drugs.
Be able to identify the symptoms of drug dependence.
Find out where to go for help.
Know how to prevent drug abuse.
Know how to cope with a child who is abusing drugs.
Dr Anwar Jeewa, Minds Alive

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