Pharaoh’s Body

ONE OF THE most intriguing predictions made by the Holy Qur’aan concerns a Pharaoh of Egypt, Merneptah.

ACCORDING TO historical records, this king was drowned in pursuit of Moosa (alaihis salaam) in the Red Sea.

When the Qur’aan was revealed, the only other mention of him was in the Bible, with reference to his drowning.

THE QUR’AAN said, "Today shall We preserve your body so that you may become a sign to those nations to come." (10:92)
How extraordinary this verse must have appeared; at that time no one knew that his body was intact. Only 1400 years later, in 1898, did it come to light after having lain mummified for 3000 years.

IN THE SEVENTH century the Qur’aan asserted that Pharaoh’s body was preserved, but only in the 19th century did its discovery give concrete proof of this prediction. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo holds this proof of the Qur’aan’s truth.

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