Who to Vote For

ELECTION FEVER is gripping the country. We have another sickness plaguing us: the gambling fever.
What does Islam say in this regard?

The lure of winning big has caught us as never before with the widespread and easily accessible Lotto.
This is a clear-cut arm of gambling which is outlawed in the Holy Qur’aan.
The Holy Qur’aan terms gambling an abomination from the handiwork of the Devil through which he wishes to create hatred and enmity between men. (5:90-91)
Hard-earned cash, meant to be used on basic essentials, are thrown away in gambling. The rich play for higher stakes.

There can never be such a thing as "sensible" gambling. That is why there are groups like Gamblers Anonymous trying to break people away from the net.
On the one hand government allows gambling but on the other bans under-age children from it. This is an acid test of whether anything is right: will we allow our children to involve themselves in it?
If not, then why do we ourselves do it?

The idea that some people only gamble for relaxation is in direct contravention of Allah Ta’ala’s Law.
Gambling is prohibited in all circumstances and in all cases.
Some argue that the Lotto, etc. earn money for charity. This argument has been addressed in the Holy Qur’aan:
They ask you concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than the benefit." (2:219)
Allah Ta’ala knows all the pros and cons in anything He prohibited. We can never put forward any argument to justify a prohibited act because, together with Knowing all this, Allah Ta’ala still banned it.

We come to the big question: which party do we vote for?
The Holy Qur’aan speaks about Hizb ush Shaytaan, the Party of the Devil, and Hizb ullaah, the Party of Allah Ta’ala.
A vote for gambling is a vote for the Devil whose Party is destined to lose. (Al Qur’aan 58:19)

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