Two Pleas

THE STORY of the conquest of Sind and the rest of Pakistan/India began from the time of Khalifah Walid bin Abdul Malik. In the year 711 AH Spain was conquered by the Islamic State and Sind was taken by the Muslims.
The actual conquest began after Muslim merchants returned to Basra having been ransacked by Hindu pirates. The pirates abducted Muslim women, and the merchants called for Hajjaj bin Yusuf, the governor, to rescue them. The last straw was the call of the Muslim women begging for help. [the 1st plea]
Hajjaj wrote to Dahir, Sind’s ruler, to free them. Not receiving a sympathetic reply, Hajjaj sent a force. Dahir’s army annihilated them. The 2nd time Hajjaj sent a force. For the 2nd time Muslims were defeated.
Hajjaj then appointed Muhammad bin Qasim, his nephew and son-in-law as commander, when he was only 17 years old. Muhammad won all his campaigns, avenged the Muslim women and brought Islam to India and Pakistan.

Iraq in 2004: Muslim women prisoners have begged in letters that someone come kill them as the US dogs are raping them daily. [the 2nd plea]
Where is the Muhammad bin Qasim to come to their rescue?

Khilafah Magazine September 2001 Edition

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