Mr and Mrs Rat

A SOUTH AFRICAN man travelled to Pakistan to meet some of his relatives there. Among other things he bought for them chocolates.
On reaching Pakistan, he headed for his hotel and slept. The next morning he discovered that the chocolates had all been nibbled on by the Rats.
And the man thought to himself: Imagine the effort that had gone into the manufacture of the chocolates- the milk obtained from the cows looked after on a dairy farm; from there to the dairy; the cocoa from cocoa plantations; the sugar from fields and the sugar mills.
All the ingredients were put together, the chocolate went to the shop, this particular man bought them, purchased an expensive ticket and transported the chocolates thousands of kilometres away; all to provide a meal for Mr and Mrs Rat!
IF SO MUCH preparation and planning went into providing food for rats, will not a Muslim who lives in the obedience of Allah Ta’ala, the Provider, get his needs fulfilled by that same Allah? Think about it.

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