Focus on the Church: HISTORY OF ABUSE

Review by M WORSNIP of the book FALLEN ORDER by K LIEBRICH. from THE WITNESS, July 16, 2004

IN 1621 Father Calasanz started the Piarist Order for educating the poorest children in Rome. Work flourished but in 1646 the order was abolished by the Pope. The reason:
Child molestation by priests.
Many children were sexually abused repeatedly by leading priests in the order.

POPE INNOCENT X knowingly placed a man known to be one of the most prolific abusers of children in charge of the order! Despite protests. Despite warnings. Despite irrefutable proof.
Calasanz was elevated to "Celestial Patron before God of all popular schools in the world" by Pope Pius XII even though Calasanz aided in trying to cover up the scandal.

IN THE LAST chapter, Liebrich, the author, draws obvious parallels with the present-day sex abuse scandals rocking the Catholic Church.
The Archbishop of Westminster appointed a priest he knew was suspected of paedophile activities and was later found guilty of nine sexual attacks.
This pattern in Britain is found in France, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Nigeria, Chile, Italy, Canada, Australia (where 51 priests were sentenced 1993-2002) and, most famously, in America with the cover-ups by Cardinal Law. By 1999 the Roman Catholic Church had paid out one billion dollars in compensation and this is just the beginning. Every state in the US has been affected.

IN 1962 A document was sent to all bishops world-wide with Pope John XXIII’s seal where they were told to deal with sex abuse "in the most secretive way". The same abuse of the past continues today.

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