Potty over Potter

As a sample, imagine a 10-year-old reading about:
1) Sacrifice of a cat. 2) Non-magicians portrayed as boring, cruel or useless. 3) Power is the ultimate choice, irrespective of good or evil. 4) Blood sacrifices. 5) Cutting off the hand of a living person for a ritual. 6) Boiling a baby or foetus alive in a cauldron. 7) Demon possession. 8) Bringing an evil wizard back from the dead through blood-shedding. 9) Casting spells. 10) A hero (Harry) who tells lies, steals, breaks the rules, and cheats by copying homework. 11) Approval of astrology. 12) People existing without their souls. 13) Communion with the dead. 14) Harry takes mood-altering drugs (which are "real" herbs used by witches) 15) Use of magic charms.

These are some of the things that are glorified for young ones in books like Harry Potter and on the silver screen. Are we bothered about counteracting them?

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