Health Pay-off: Sajdah

SAJDA (PROSTRATION) is a position in the prayers a Muslim has to perform five times a day. The purpose is not exercise yet there are plenty of medical advantages for the body.

In Ibn Maja there is a narration: "Prayer is a cure for many diseases". In Sajda the brain becomes lower than the heart and blood gushes to the brain with full force. In all other positions (even lying down) the brain is above the heart. Due to the increased blood supply the brain receives more nourishment and this has a good effect on the memory, vision, hearing and concentration.

Sajda also has positive effects on the back muscles as they contract actively when one goes into and out of Sajda.

These are some bonus payoffs. A Muslim is content with the fact that he is closest to Allah Ta’ala when in Sajda.

Dr Beebani, Saudi Gazette

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