Happy Children

Some ways to raise a happy child

The capacity for happiness is one of the greatest gifts a child can get from a parent. There’s a difference between instant gratification- getting the latest cellphone- and lasting contentment. Genuine happiness means the child has strong Imaan, self-esteem, and sense of right and wrong. These are easier to develop than you think:

Be creative with praise. Don’t just say ‘Good job’ when your child does well. Point out the details you like. Saying ‘I like the way you’ve drawn those trees’ is more meaningful. Don’t overdo the reward system though. Prizes all the time makes a child do good for the reward and not for the satisfaction of accomplishing something.

Listen up. Nothing makes a child feel as important as having your undivided attention when he speaks.

Smile. Flashing a grin at your child reassures her. Throw in a hug. A person needs 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance and 16 for growth.

Let this be the first step in doing the job we’ve been given of bringing up good children.
And let’s plan so that we do it well.

Adapted from: Al Muhsinaat Vol6 Issue 3/4

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