Brilliant Benefits: Quit Smoking

If you’ve been smoking for a while, chances are you’ve tried to stop several times.
Almost half those who smoke try to quit every year. On the other hand, 99% of people on drugs first started with smoking. Islam provides clear-cut guidelines in cases such as smoking by prohibiting it outright.

Some reasons why you should quit:

  • To reduce the risk of serious illness - Islam says that our bodies have rights over us
  • To improve health - A strong Muslim is better than a weak one
  • To protect family & friends from the dangers of passive smoking - A true Muslim is one from whom others are safe from his harm
  • To save money spent on cigarettes - Those who waste money are the brothers of the Devil.
  • Within days of quitting, carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body. The lungs then clear out smoking debris until the ability to taste and smell is greatly improved. Breathing gets easier.


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