Web Guide July 2006

Enrich your web experience. Not all content on all sites Islamic-compliant. Consult Ulama.

http://www.sanzaf.org.za/html/index.htm - SA National Zakaah Fund (Sanzaf) website
http://ahmed2004uk.blogspot.com/ - Blogspot on Islam, biographies of Ulama
http://www.bilalacademy.org/ - Website of Bilal Academy under guidance of Moulana Bilal of UK. Articles, downloads
http://www.mbcom.ndo.co.uk/index.htm - Muslim burial site Walsall, UK
http://www.islamcan.com/ - Stories
http://www.ibnharoon.com/ - Dua Posters
http://www.toursaudiarabia.com/photos/index.html - Pictures, etc of Saudi Arabia including Makkah Mukarramah
http://www.islamicart.com/main/calligraphy/catalog/alphabet.html Write the Arabic Alphabet Animation

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