This is Good

A King had a friend who always said ‘This is good, Allah Knows Best.’ One day the friend loaded the King’s gun wrong and blew the King’s thumb off. The friend said ‘This is good, Allah Knows Best.’ The King had him thrown in jail. A year later the King was captured by cannibals in a jungle. They were about to kill him when they noticed his missing thumb. They were superstitious, not eating anyone who had a limb missing, so they set him free.
The King thought about his friend whose action had saved his life. He released him saying ‘This was bad for you.’ The friend replied ‘This is good, Allah Knows Best.’ ‘How could it be good?’ asked the King. ‘If I was not in jail, I would have been with you and I would have been captured by the cannibals and eaten,’ replied the friend.
Allah Knows best what is good for us even though we might not see the wisdom immediately. Trust Him.

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