Common Ground

The black Nguni people of South Africa comprising Zulus and Xhosa, make up a large percentage of SA’s population.
They were generally forced into Christianity under Colonial rule but retained original customs, many of which are similar to Islam:

There are remarkable similarities between certain Nguni marriage customs and Muslim marriages. It does not differ when it comes to the payment of the dowry (lobola [Xhosa]/mahr [Arabic]) or allowing polygamy.

Amongst the Ngunis there exists an idea of the Supreme Being (Unkulunkulu [Zulu] Qamata ka tayi [Xhosa]). It was replaced by ancestors/spirits as mediators between man and the Supreme Being. Muslims believe in One, Most Powerful God: Allah Ta’ala.

A child born out of wedlock, in both traditions, does not adopt the father's family name but the mother’s. When an Nguni child is born animals are slaughtered. Animals are also slaughtered for a Muslim child.

After child birth no sexual relations are allowed with women. The same for Muslims. After the death of the husband a waiting period (inzilo [Xhosa], iddah [Arabic]) is instituted. Ngunis mourn for 6 months. In Islam it is 4 months and 10 days.

Every nation had a warner [Qur’aan 35:24]

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