Mullah Nasruddeen: Humour

Once, the King asked Mullah Nasruddeen: "Why is there no hair growing on the palms of my hands?"
Mullah: Because of giving charity constantly, the hair has faded.
King: Then why is there no hair on the palms of others?
Mullah: Because of receiving charity constantly from the king, the hair has faded.
King: Then why is there no hair on then palms of those who neither give nor take?
Mullah: Because they rub their hands constantly out of regret, saying: Alas! We are neither givers nor takers!

One day, giving an empty bucket to his son, Mullah said: "Son, go fetch some milk from the dairy."
Son: But Father, what about the money to buy it?
Mullah: With money, anyone can buy milk. If you can bring me milk without money, you will truly be my son! I will be proud of you.
The son takes the bowl. Goes to the market, and returns after a few minutes.
Son: Here Father, drink the milk!
Mullah was taken aback. How could his son get milk with no money? He took the bucket and saw it was empty.
Mullah: But there is no milk!
Son: Pa, if there is milk, anyone can drink it. But if you can drink it as is, you are truly my father and I will be proud of you.
Tit for tat! What could the Father do?

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