The Teapot: Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful teapot made of porcelein. It used to always boast to the other cutlery that it was the pride of the tea table.
One day the teapot was dropped and the handle broke. The owner put it aside and gave it away to a poor beggar. Now the teapot was feeling far from proud.
The beggar put sand into the teapot, further humiliating it. He then planted a flower bulb in the sand and after a while a beautiful flower bloomed. The teapot basked in the sun on the beggar’s windowsill, feeling content that he was the cause of the flower coming to life.
This parable holds several lessons for life: When we boast about the talents or gifts that Allah has given us, feeling superior to others, then we will fall and hurt ouselves like the teapot. The Devil was brought low because of pride.
When we humble ourselves and make ourselves available to help Allah’s creation then we can achieve much and we will feel true contentment. The teapot was humled with sand but became a means of beauty coming to the world in the form of the flower.
Sometimes a disaster or tough time in life is actually a blessing in diguise. The teapot’s fall lead to its ultimate contentment. Going through a hard time can be the means of us becoming humble and turning to Allah, and becoming an asset to humanity.

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