Points on this aspect of the Haram
The stone of Maqaam Ebrahim is in a brass casing with gold coating, in the Mataaf.
It’s on the side of the Ka’bah which has the door, about 13,25 metres from the Ka’bah.
The stone is cubic shaped, of a soft type of stone, about 50cmx50cm and the height similar.
In its centre are 2 footprints of Ebrahim alaihis salaam, which are oval shaped and hollow due to the continuous touching by people.
It has been plated with silver and now stands on a pedestal. This pedestal is in the centre of a larger base of marble.
The colour of the stone has been described as between white, black and yellow.
Before 1967 the stone was in a cubic shaped structure with a dome standing on 4 pillars. It is now kept in a crystal glass dome within a huge windowed pillar.
Ebrahim alaihis salaam stood on it while building the Ka’bah and it lifted up miraculously as the building increased in height.
The stone became soft under his feet which resulted in his footprints being imprinted.
The stone lifted as high as a mountain with Ebrahim alaihis salaam on it, announcing the call to Hajj.
Al Kurdi noted the depth of one footprint as 10cm and the other as 9cm. The length of each foot is about 22cm and the width is 11cm, thus indicating that Ebrahim alaihis salaam was about the height of an average man in our era.
It was originally alongside the Ka’bah door. In the time of Umar radhiallahu anhu a flood carried it away, and he placed it where it is today.
A Hadith states that Maqaam Ebrahim and Rukn Yamani are 2 rubies from Jannah (Paradise). Their divine light has been blotted out by Allah.
From: Umm al-Qura, Bilal bin Ahmad

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