The Ka’bah holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims. The Qur’aan mentions: Remember when We (Allah) made the House (Ka’bah) a place where people come back often. Ibn Katheer rahimahullah states that the pull of the Ka’bah is so powerful that a Muslim’s heart and soul yearns to be there.
If a person has not seen the Ka’bah, he desires to; if a person goes once or many times, he does not feel satisfied; he yearns to go back. When a returning Haaji is asked: What do you wish for? They reply: We want to go back to the Ka’bah.
It is due to the Dua of Ebrahim alaihis salaam: O Allah! Make some people’s hearts turn towards them (my wife and child that I’ve left by the Ka’bah). Ibn Abbas radhiallahu anhuma mentions that if Ebrahim alaihis salaam made the Dua asking for all people’s hearts to incline towards them, then Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims would have joined the Muslims in flocking to the Ka’bah.
The piece of earth on which the Ka’bah stands was the first to emerge from the water from which the earth was created from. This piece of earth was created 2,000 years before anything else of the earth was created.
The Ka’bah goes back to the beginning of time: either the Angels or Aadam alaihis salaam first built it. It was rebuilt by Ebrahim alaihis salaam about 5,000 years ago.
The Ka’bah is the physical centre of the earth. Amazingly, the four corners of the Ka’bah point approximately towards the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. Hajre Aswad’s corner points East, Rukn Yamani points South, Rukn Shaami points West and Rukn Iraqi points North.
Allah chose the Hajj to complete His Message to mankind. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam performed only one Hajj, this in his last year of his life. Over 100,000 Sahaaba came to join in this Hajj.
It was here that he delivered what must surely rank as one of the most powerful and revolutionary discourses in world history. It was here also that Allah revealed the verse indicating the perfection and completion of Islam. In Makkah, Muslims link up with the legacy of the Prophets of the past who lived, walked and are even buried there.

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