Neglecting one’s family is condemned in Islam. A Hadith says: "A man’s disregard for those he feeds (his family) is sufficient to render him sinful." [Riyadus Saaliheen] Fathers need to be careful of neglecting the upbringing of their children.
On the other hand, Islam emphasises the virtue of seeing to one’s family. A hadith tells us charity that will earn one the greatest reward is money spent on one’s wife and children. Men are blessed with a golden opportunity of earning great reward if they make their families priority number one.
Here are some tips on stimulating a kid’s intellect:
When shopping with kids, familiarise them with the items on sale; the price, quality, etc.
Encourage kids to ask questions. Prepare yourself mentally to expect and answer them.
Instead of focusing on their bad habits or misdemeanours, focus on their good actions.
Enlighten the child on the causes of his achievements and failures and bolster his spirits over his achievements.
Convince the child he can do a task with the help of Allah but at the same time teach him the correct way of doing it.
Allow kids to choose their own profession. Don’t force him into something that appeals to you.
Allow the child time to ponder over an answer you’ve given and let him explain in his own words.
Point out the reason for his correct/incorrect answer.
Allow the child to figure out his own errors and later help in correcting them. `
The Ideal Father, Ml Abdul Majid

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