Sharing Ramadaan with non-Muslims

Some tips on sharing Ramadan with
non-Muslim neighbours

Ramadan is a great opportunity to share Islam and its values of generosity and kindness with others, especially neighbours.
n Put up a Ramadan banner on your door. Print a factsheet on Ramadan and distribute to neighbours.
n Send neighbours Iftar snacks. Include a note that the month of Ramadan is here and you are sharing your joy with them.
n Give kids Ramadan balloons and candy. Let neighbours' kids also feel the happiness of Ramadan by including chocolate and sweets with snacks. Balloons add a nice touch, and if you can get some printed which have "Ramadan Mubarak" written on them, they may remember the month even after it has passed.
n Publish Ramadan information in your community newspaper.
n Have a neighbourhood Iftar gathering. Perhaps just invite the closest neighbours. Send invitations for an "Iftar gathering". Ensure that the rules of Hijaab are upheld and there is no intermingling of men and women. Invite Muslim family and friends who are comfortable interacting with non-Muslims to this event. Have written material on Ramadan available for your guests.
n Get your kids on it. Tell your kids to inform other neighbours' kids what Ramadan is about and have the children hold pre-Ramadan eatings at school for example.
n Talk about what Ramadan means to you. What’s it like to fast? How do you work/go to school and still fast? Speak about personal experiences to colleagues and friends. Z

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