Banish the Box

Some things TV does:
¢ 2 hours of TV a day is linked to a 23% increase in obesity.
¢ The 7-minute segments of TV content drops children’s attention span to and they find it more difficult to read.
¢ It’s impossible to lower one’s gaze while watching TV. Even ad breaks bombard one with indecently dressed men and women.
Here are some excerpts from Reader’s Digest of May 1977, Pg 57-61 (Yep, 30 years ago):
n Today’s high-school graduate has logged 15,000 hours before the screen; more time than he spent on any thing except sleep.
n 2,300 studies and reports show that TV’s influence on kids is negative.
n Michael Rothenburg, child psychologist from University of Washington called the influence of TV violence on kids a ‘national scandal’.
n TV has displaced much of the normal interaction between parents and children which is essential for maximum development.
And this is what Reader’s Digest April 2007, Pg 126 has to say on reducing TV viewing:
q It’s time to turn off the TV and turn on life.
q April 23-29 is International TV-Turnoff Week.
q Switching off the box can double your free time.
Tips to cut down on TV:
« List other things you love to do; keep list visible.
« Have a weekly TV-free day.
« Send kids outside to play.
« Keep the box off when you’re doing other things like eating meals.

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