Facts on this part of the Ka’bah

The Shaadharwaan is the sloping external bottom part of the Ka’bah which tapers down from all the walls of the Ka’bah except the side of the Hateem.
Some scholars say that this was part of the original extent of the Ka’bah walls built by Ebrahim alaihis salaam, but that the Quraish narrowed its width. Later, this portion was filled with stones so that Tawaaf could be made outside the area of the original walls.
Others say that Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu built it to strengthen the walls against flood waters.
The Shafi Ulama hold the former view. So if a Shafi happens to stand on it during Tawaaf, the Tawaaf has to be repeated.
To the right of the Ka’bah door are about 8 dark brown stones embedded in the marble in the Shaadharwaan. About a metre away from it is a large yellowish stone tile with writing inscribed on it. It seems that it might be an inauguration plate, although the inscription is faded.
These 8 stones are extremely precious stones of a rare type difficult to get nowadays. They might have been placed in the Shaadharwaan in the year 1233 CE and might have been gifted to the Ka’bah.
There used to be a pit next to the Ka’bah wall between these stones and the door. It was sealed in 1958. Some say that here Jibrail alaihis salaam led the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam in Salaah. Maqaam Ebrahim was also here until 629 when Umar radhiallahu anhu moved it to the present location after a flood.
From: Umm al-Qura, Bilal bin Ahmad

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