If your child is abusing drugs, how must you react?
It’s very easy to overreact and make the situation worse by flying into rage
Addicts don’t respond well to this behaviour and in many cases it only serves to deepen their feelings of guilt

How Not to React
Do not panic
Do not overreact
Do not threaten your child
Do not nag
Do not offer bribes
Do not accuse without justification
Do not become hysterical
Do not become antagonistic
Do not discuss the issue when you are angry. Wait to cool down

How Best to React
Do not avoid confrontation and ignore the problem
Addiction is a treatable illness, a child can recover
There’s no quick-fix solution
Helping an addict get well is a demanding, on-going process that requires strength, determination, patience and love

Stand Together
Both parents should stand together - there is no time for blame
Together decide how to deal with the issue
Both parents must agree on how they are going to act towards the child
One parent condemning the child and the other one protecting the child can be very unhealthy
Dr Anwar Jeewa, Minds Alive

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