The Islamic Focus has been around in PE/Uitenhage for four years. In that time we have brought to you articles which we hope have entertained as well as increased your knowledge and love for Islam.

We now intend tackling the World Wide Web of the internet. There is an acute shortage of English-language Islamic sites which portray true Islam. The target audience is English-speaking Muslims in South Africa, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. A search for English-language Islamic sites turns up unauthentic, misleading sites parading in the guise of Islam; modernist, Qadiani, Shia and others. We want to, therefore, set up an Islamic website.

We have almost finalised our website design; a simple interface, giving past issues of the Focus with articles on subjects such as World News, Marriage, Teens, History, Muslim Influence, Science & Qur’aan, etc. The articles retain the print style of conciseness lending themselves to easier reading. Articles steer clear of controversy.

To make the site successful, it has to be updated regularly. The cost of running it includes design, monthly hosting on a web server, regular updates and site traffic charges. We hope to get one, 2 or 3 businesses or individuals who can commit themselves to the running costs. An ad of the sponsor company can be added to site which will reach a world-wide audience. Anyone interested in the concept can contact us and we can arrange a demo of the site at your convenience.

For further details, contact the Editor of Islamic Focus and Director of Bukhara Publications:
Muhammad Badsha
Tel: 078 672 7797
Fax: 086 690 2011
spreading islam via internet

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