Perfect Prescription

With the increasing food and petrol prices, spiralling inflation and the high crime rate, people are looking for ways to ride out the storm.
Here are some of Islam’s prescriptions to face these problems:

The Qur’aan gives the parable of a city which enjoyed security and abundant food supplies. They were ungrateful for these blessings which Allah Ta’ala had given and, as result, the situation was reversed. They experienced fear and hunger.
We need to ask ourselves if we are truly appreciative and grateful for the blessings Allah has given us. True thanks means that we use these blessings in a way that is pleasing to Allah. Mee lip service is not sufficient.
A father gives his son a brand new car and tells him to use it properly. The son abuses the vehicle by riding it roughly, damaging it and knocking into things. He then tells his father, "Dad, I’m truly grateful to you for this gift." Do you think the father will be happy? He will say that his son is actually ungrateful.

Various remedies to righting our worldly woes have been outlined in the Qur’aan and Hadith. These include: 1. Seeking Allah’s forgiveness for the sins we’ve perpetrated, 2. Joining family ties, 3. Giving charity, 4. Adopting Taqwa.
Likewise, Islam prescribes ways to draw Allah’s assistance, which will obviously help us overcome adverse conditions: 1. To help Allah’s religion (Islam), 2. To help people, 3. To practice patience, 4. Making Zikr.

Many of these remedies are incorporated in one super tablet: Salaah. Allah inspired the suffering Israelites to make their homes like the Musjids. This entails increasing the reading of Salaah in our homes. We can also bring the activities of the Musjid within our homes: reading Qur’aan, Zikr, learning and teaching Islam, making Dua, etc.
The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to resort to Salaah when adverse situations confronted him, be it wars or inclement weather conditions.
Salaah shall draw us closer to the lifestyle that Allah is pleased with. As a consequence, we will get more of His help. What more can a Muslim ask for than that Allah is helping him?

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