The Devil has a new medium to ensnare Muslims: ISLAMIC internet chatrooms to get Muslim boys and girls talking about their wildest fantasies! And justify it by calling it "Islamic" so it seems Halaal!

  • There is a specific chatroom called 'Islam' on the MIRC network. I used to be a VERY regular visitor and justified my nightly forays by telling myself that I was going to have Islamic discussions and that it was a 'Halaal' way to meet Muslim girls. I sat for hours and spoke to many Muslim girls of many ages.
  • Most of the talk has nothing to do with Islam. Meeting a girl at the movies or in a chatroom is the same thing. Good Muslim youth are losing their "innocence" every night on these chat lines, their parents thinking that they are fast asleep. It is VERY ADDICTIVE, especially for people who don't mix with the opposite sex. Muslim girls (who have strict fathers) sit every night, making up for not being able to talk to boys.
  • One night I asked the question: is this chatroom halaal or haraam? I was told things like: "Allah knows best ... not you!" and "Now you've had your fun you are acting holier than thou!" Its existence must be publicised so that parents know what their daughters and sons are up to when they disappear into the bedroom after supper. This is only ONE chatroom in SA (there are about 500 Muslim kids on a Friday/Saturday night!) ... I'm sure there are many more.
  • There are yet other chatrooms, not Islamic, which utilize web cams. Chatters can see each other and numerous perverted men and women perform explicit acts of immorality for viewers. The issues spoken about do not even make a pretence of being decent.

A Concerned Brother

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