Taking on Adultery

The conference on Aids in Thailand (2005) attacked abstinence from intercourse as a means of fighting HIV.
It also said that youngsters must be told that oral intercourse and masturbation are fun alternatives to actual intercourse between unmarried couples.

Some Examples:
Much of what is considered normal in art and advertising is pornography.
Sport events contain porn in the form of swimmers’ costumes and athletes’ skimpy outfits.

Allah Ta’ala will not speak to or look at a man who indulges in adultery.
The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) placed adultery third in the rank of the most horrendous sins.
Adultery leads to poverty and decrease in blessings in what we own and makes us unable to acquire good deeds

The school syllabus give guidelines:
Condoms, they proclaim, are a preventive measure when sleeping around with many partners.
Islam allows intimacy ONLY between MARRIED couples.

They say: Masturbation and oral intercourse are ways to have a sex life without actual intercourse.
Both are not allowed in Islam and fulfilment of desire is only lawful between MARRIED couples.

TURNING AWAY from looking at a prohibited man or woman brings:
Sweetness in faith and the pleasure that comes from it, more pleasing than the prohibited sight.

Islam’s solution: either MARRIAGE or TOTAL ABSTINENCE. Avoid the disasters of adultery.
Practice and SEE FOR YOURSELF.

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