The T Word

The Holy Qur’aan says that two types of clothing were created for man: one merely conceals the body, the other is a source of adornment.

The clothes we wear speak a lot about the type of people we are. The T-shirt does all the talking. As Muslims, are we sending the right messages?

Words like ‘paranoid’ and ‘riot’ are all the rage. Sporting loyalties are displayed even if the sponsors are beer companies whose logos we don. One brand makes a play on a swear word and has made millions as a result.

Before we wear our slogans across our hearts which are filled with faith in Allah Ta’ala, we need to ask: Will we be happy to die in such a T-shirt and present the messages before Allah Ta’ala? As women, would we like to justify to the One who gave us life why we insisted on wearing these shape-revealing T-shirts in public when He Commanded us to be concealed?

The exams are near. Prepare your answers.

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