Sweet Honey

ONE DAY A man was walking in the jungle. Suddenly a lion appeared behind him. The man ran for the safety of a tree, climbed it and hung on to a branch overlooking a well.

When his eyes fell onto the well he saw a crocodile waiting there with its mouth wide open. When he looked up he saw a woodpecker busy pecking away at the branch he was hanging on.
Suddenly honey drips onto his lips. He begins enjoying the sweet taste and forgets the dangers. At last, the woodpecker causes the branch to fall and the man ends up in the well where the crocodile is waiting.

The branch is our lives, steadily getting shorter. The well is the grave awaiting us. And the honey is this world; sweet and enticing, making us forget that death is coming. The sweetness of this world makes us neglectful of Allah Ta’ala.

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