Size of the Universe

The stars we see are in the lowest heaven:
And We adorned the lowest heaven with lamps (stars)… [Qur’aan 67:5]
NASA says it is fighting an uphill battle to reach the edge of the universe. More powerful equipment is constructed only to discover that the new stars we see are still within our galaxy.

Seeing the limits of the universe:
So turn thy vision again: Do you see any flaw? Again turn your vision a second time: (your) vision will come back to you dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.
[Holy Qur’aan 67:3-4]
According to C Backberg in Popular Mechanics [Feb 2004] estimates give our universe a diameter of 100 billion light years. The visible universe has a radius of 13,3 billion light years and circumference of 84 billion light years (800 thousand billion kilometres!).

The Holy Qur’aan explained the massive dimensions of the universe 1400 years before modern science.


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