News in Brief May 2008 Edition 2

YEMEN - 15 killed and 55 hurt in a bombing at a Musjid in Saada during Juma prayers. Hundreds killed in clashes in the region since a conflict between govt forces and Shia rebels broke out in 2004. (BBC, May 1)

TURKEY - Secular elements have taken the ruling Islamic-inclined AKP party to the constitutional court, trying to close down the party. This follows the AKP govt recently changing the constitution, so girls could cover their heads in universities. AKP won 47% in last year's elections. (BBC, Mar 31)

UAE - The Dubai World Cup is the world's richest horse race with prize money of £3m (R45m). (BBC, Mar 29)

NEPAL - Two killed and one injured after Choti Musjid was bombed in Biratnagar during evening prayers. A Hindu extremist group, the Nepal Defence Army, claimed to have carried out the attack. (BBC, Mar 30)

HOLLAND - Dutch MP Wilder, leader of the Freedom Party made an anti-Islam film called Fitna. It was condemned by the Dutch govt and UN Sec Gen, and Dutch broadcasters have avoided showing it. Dozens of Indonesians demonstrated outside the Dutch embassy. (BBC, Mar 28, 31)

KASHMIR - 8 killed and 30 trapped in a huge landslide in Kshtwar. (BBC, May 1)

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