Focus on Atrocities: History Bears Witness

When next you hear of America or Britain pretending to champion human rights, read these facts of history spanning the most recent hundred years and judge for yourself:

  • 1901 South Africa - The British army was engaged in a war with the Boers. British began burning down civilian farms and destroying crops. Concentration camps set up where thousands of civilian women and children died due to epidemics.
  • 1900 China - US Gen. Chaftee attacked Beijing. Plundering and rape of Chinese civilians by US and European troops followed. Hundreds of Chinese beheaded.
  • 1916 Ireland - Irish uprising seeking independence from Britain was ruthlessly put down by British soldiers. Buildings were reduced to rubble. Thousands of civilian deaths.
  • 1942 Germany - Bombing by British/US of civilian cities. Cologne reduced to rubble, Berlin saw thousands of civilian deaths. Dresden was bombed for 14 hours leaving 100 000 civilians dead. The tar melted.
  • Japan 1945 - 100 000 civilians killed in Tokyo bombing by US. Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki killed 100 000, tens of thousands died later of atomic cancer. 250 000 civilians killed in Hiroshima.
  • Vietnam 1968 - US troops killed every woman and child in village of My Lai in cold blood. Vietnam saw tens of thousands killed by the US and hundreds of thousands mutilated.
  • Iraq 1991, 2003/4, Afghanistan 2003/4 - ??

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