The First People

Do you know your fore parents? Here are some interesting snippets from their lives:
Aadam (alaihis salaam)’s height was 30 metres. In time nations grew shorter.
Allah Ta’ala taught him the names of things such as sun, moon, water, cup, saucer, and knife in Arabic and he was the first person to speak Arabic.
Aadam (alaihis salaam) came down somewhere in India after being sent out of Paradise.
His wife, Hawwa (alaihas salaam) came down in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Jaddah in Arabic means grandmother.
They met at Arafaat. Arafa means to recognise in Arabic.

They came down with fruit and vegetables from Paradise. From the seeds, fruit and veg grew on earth.
Jibraeel taught Aadam (alaihimas salaam) how to plant and reap, how to crush wheat and make flour and bread. Crops planted in the morning were ready by evening.
Hawwa (alaihas salaam) always gave birth to twins- a girl and boy. If she conceived in the morning she gave birth by night.
According to historians Aadam (alaihis salaam) is buried in India at the spot where he came down from heaven, or in Makkah or Jerusalem. Hawwa (alaihas salaam) is buried next to him.

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