Danger Games

Let’s look at computer games. The overall attempt to pull people away from believing in God involves films, books and even PC games which make fun of God or condition the mind to there not being a God.
AFTERLIFE IS A popular, involving game which dabbles in beliefs concerning Heaven and Hell. These are some comments made by a reviewer: "I've no problem with the roads in Hell, it's the roads in Heaven that are too difficult."
REINCARNATION and recruiting "worshippers" are but some of the beliefs propagated in the storyline of such games.
Play heavily favors evil deities. In Black & White, 'gods' are created by peoples' prayers.
HOURS ARE SPENT by gamers. Games become a drug, numbing the heavy players’ minds.
Ideologies projected in some of these games are alien to belief in Allah Ta’ala. A Muslim cannot stomach them but will tolerate them in the guise of games played by their children. Amazing!
If nothing else, games such as these are another nail in the coffin carrying belief and faith in God to the grave for thousands of hapless souls. Don’t join the procession.

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