The Car Keys

THE SON OF A wealthy man was about to graduate from university. He knew his father could well afford it, so he pointed out the sports car that he wanted to his father.

On the day of his graduation, he was awaiting the present of the sports car with eagerness. His father came up to him and presented him with… a copy of the Holy Qur’aan. "Read this, my son," he said. "It will be your guide in life."

The youngster felt bitter tears coursing down his cheeks. Of his sports car there was no sign. He stormed out of the house and did not see his father again for years. Then one day he was told that his father was on his deathbed. The errant son returned home too late to see his father.
He wandered around the house, filled with grief. He came across the Qur’aan his father had given him. As he lifted it an envelope pasted inside fell out. In it was a set of keys for the sports car he had wanted and a note reading: Enjoy your gift.

HOW MANY TIMES do we miss Allah Ta’ala’s bounties because it is not packaged as we want and wish?????

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