Aids: A Leaf from our Book

(Some Information from Reader’s Digest)

UGANDA HAS dramatically reduced Aids. How? An answer that Islam always had.

By abstaining from sex before marriage and remaining faithful to one’s spouse, Ugandans have cut the Aids rate to 5%. South Africa’s stands at 20%.
This system of abstention strikes at the heart of Aids: the disease is spread mainly through unprotected sex and sleeping with many partners.

The message is spreading that illicit sex is not worth dying for.
And people are listening. They are changing their approach to relationships.
Praise has been pouring in. The system has been called more potent than vaccines. A research scientist at Harvard said, "The genius of the system is that it doesn’t focus just on Western drugs and condoms and it costs very little."

The Western notion of allowing a problem and then addressing the results rather than the root has led to illicit sex being promoted on TV, movies, in magazines and on computer games.
Then condoms are touted as the solution. Figures speak otherwise. African countries where condoms have been most available - such as Botswana (38%) and Zimbabwe (33%) - are the ones with the highest Aids rates.

AIDS IS A sex problem that many are shy to confront. Being frank now is better than being dead and others suffering reduced production, overloaded hospitals and millions of orphans.
Islam outlined this solution centuries ago. Uganda has, unwittingly, adopted it and is reaping the fruit. Let’s not be left behind in realising Islam’s benefits ourselves.

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