Youth @ Work

Muslim Youth in South Africa are taking an increasingly enthusiastic role in raising Islamic awareness. Here are some examples:

Muslim Youth Convention
500 young Muslim males attended the Youth Convention at Al Falaah College in Durban in September, 2005. They were given a chance to interact with the Ulama. It was co-hosted by the Muslim Student’s Association and the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN). KZN cricketer Hashim Amla participated. Another held at Azaadville Muslim School saw 1500 youth attend.

Leadership Adventure Program
Students are given the opportunity, monthly, to test their leadership skills in practical exercises which examine how they would deal with issues like poverty, disease and drought. The World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY) conducts the program to identify leadership potential in Muslim youth.

Soccer Tournament
A tournament which combined sport with spiritual upliftment saw 12 teams from Muslim institutions going to Newcastle to compete. It was coordinated by the Muslim Youth Organisation of Newcastle. They played soccer, ate lunch, performed Salaah and listened to advice from Moulana Rafick Ally of Siraatul Haq Muslim School in Escort.

Islamic Society OF University of Port Elizabeth
Muslim students at PE varsity are active in organising Jumas weekly, talks by various Ulama, Taraweeh on campus and Iftaar for foreign students.

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