Wonders of Wudhu

Recent studies have found that Wudhu (ablution/abdaas) is healthy:

Wudhu is a prescription of 26 washing movements, a total of 130 daily movements, an offshoot of which is optimum health. It not only cleanses vital parts of the body but also refreshes them.

Wudhu is encouraged by Islam before bed. Yoga experts say that washing important motor and sensory organs such as hands, arms, legs, etc. before sleep relaxes the body for a deep sleep.

Man’s internal organs have connections, called Biological Active Spots (BASes), with the skin which function as recharge boards. Ablution stimulates them like Chinese reflexotherapy.The majority of the BASes are washed in Wudhu. To become a doctor in reflexology takes years of study while ordinary Muslims do it everyday! As an example, BASes in the face recharge organs like the intestines, stomach and bladder.

Wudhu helps prevent skin cancer. The areas washed are parts of the body most exposed to pollution, whether internal secretions of the body or external. Ablution removes this pollution five times a day which helps cells under the skin function properly.

Washing with water invigorates the ends of blood vessels, as well as nerves that are near the skin surface, and helps them perform efficiently.

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