Web Guide April 2008

Enrich your web experience. Not all content on all sites Islamic-compliant. Consult Ulama.

http://www.sisters-magazine.com - Muslim women’s lifestyle magazine from the UK. Read some articles online
http://www.muslimscouts.org.au/ - Muslim Scouts of Australia
http://www.ikhlas.org.uk/ - Radio Ikhlas online
http://www.makedua.com/ - Site with daily duas from Hisnul Haseen
http://www.gardens-of-peace.org.uk/ - Gardens of Peace Muslim cemetery in UK
http://www.world-heritage-tour.org/- View 80 world heritage sites as a panorama, in the Middle East and East Africa including Al Azhar Musjid.
http://www.3dkabah.com/3D_Kabah/Home.html - 3d Kabah site
www.heritageofqatar.org - View historical Qatar as well as a 3D model of a traditional Qatari Musjid
http://darululoomabubakr.blogspot.com - PE Darul Uloom’s site with questions and answers, downloads and articles

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