TV Talk: The Excuses we Make

Prevention is better than cure. This holds true for Islam’s view on TV - rather than go through all the harmful effects of TV SWITCH IT OFF.

Many parents who watched TV saw gory horror programs but say they grew up normal.
The first difference is the amount of TV they watched and kids watch today.
The second difference is the type of content portrayed. Today’s content is more graphically presented with explicit scenes, a glorification of unethical, irreligious beliefs and the acceptance of abnormal behaviour as OK.

Research shows that TV ads are doing a terrific job of increasing appetites for fatty foods.
In the US, children see 40,000 ads a year. Up to 70% are for junk food and the results are an unhealthy, obese generation of kids. (Time, Aug 9, 2004)
The volume of violent and other programs desensitises the viewer to these acts. Where he might have felt horror there is only an absence of feeling.

Why would a business executive spend millions on a 30-second TV ad for his business yet claim that the 30 minute long movie his children watch has no impact on them?
TV has tremendous influence due to the enormous amounts watched. How many children’s games are TV-influenced? How many a kid don’t you see imitating the actions of his TV hero? According to Eurostat, 54% of adult’s free time is spent watching TV in Hungary, 47% in UK, 46% in France and 33% in Germany. (Time, Aug 9, 2004)

Iraq under the US has all the racy TV shows and Internet sites of "civilised" America and these are influencing behaviour. As a result, adultery, prostitution and rape are spiralling out of control in a country where it was practically unheard of previously.

Seemingly innocent kid’s programs glorify anti-religious and anti-social behaviour. The Gummi Bears get their strength from a magical potion (magic is prohibited in Islam); He-Man averaged 40 violent scenes every half-hour episode; He-Man chants ‘By the power of Grayskull’ and defeats his enemies.
These ideas implant themselves in the child’s mind. Islamic teachings are not as attractively presented and not as many hours are devoted to them. To counter TV-ideas will be like giving poison and then attempting to erase its effects while continuing to give the poison. Does it make sense?

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