Tremendous Taqwa

The Holy Qur’aan provides a source of ever-applicable guidance. Among the recurring topics is Taqwa.
This simply means to do what Allah Ta’ala Commands and abstain from that which He Prohibits. Taqwa in the Qur’aan is mentioned in conjunction with various things:

The Qur’aan states that clothes were sent down to cover us and as adornment. Then our attention is turned to Taqwa when the Qur’aan says that the clothes of Taqwa are best.
In another place we are taught a Dua (invocation):
Our Lord, Let our spouses and children be the coolness of our eyes and make us Imams (leaders) of those who have Taqwa.
Not only do we ask for Taqwa but to be the leaders, the best of those who have this quality.

We despair at times when the plots of the enemies against the Muslims surface. The Qur’aan provides solace and links it with Taqwa:
If you adopt patience and have Taqwa, their (the enemies’) plots will not harm you in the least.
Providing us strength in these trying times is the fact that Allah Ta’ala is with those who have Taqwa. How can one lose when Allah Ta’ala is with him?

Taqwa is mentioned with Haj, fasting, the Qur’aan, Qurbaani (sacrificing of animals) and in many other contexts in the Qur’aan.
It’s a quality Muslims cannot do without. So how do we get it? The Qur’aan says:
O Believers! Have Taqwa of Allah and be with the pious.
Get Taqwa from the ones who have it: Allah Ta’ala’s friends and see if you go wrong.

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