Teen Management


Sympathetic ear: Provide a protective home environment: a father who understands and a mother who listens. They feel secure to discuss their emotional needs with their parents. Ibn Majah reports that the Messenger Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam said: "Honour your children and strive for excellence in their education". Honour their feelings, praise them, encourage them and educate them.

Avoid at all costs the following negative C’s:
Competition: we unduly exert pressure on our children to perform beyond their capabilities. They feel hopeless and stop believing in themselves
Contempt: when we treat them with disrespect, calling them names and continually insulting them.
Consumerism: where we compensate for the lack of time we spend with them with material gifts. We buy their respect and obedience instead of securing it through companionship.

Turn Our Teens Into STARS of Islam

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