Tale Carrier

There was once a wealthy person who had a number of servants and slaves in the days when there were slaves. He needed another slave and went to the market in search of one.
He noticed a fine slave. He wanted to buy him. The slave’s owner took him aside and cautioned him not to buy the slave as he had a major defect: he carried tales. The rich man insisted and bought the slave.
The slave worked hard at gaining his new master’s confidence. Then he began his old habit. He told his master: "You know I am faithful to you. Your wife is having an affair. One day she will slit your throat" The husband, after the slave repeatedly mentioned it, began to have doubts. Then the slave went to his master’s wife and said that the master was having an affair. He repeated this tale also. The wife asked the slave for a way out. He said he could make a charm but needed hair from the under of the husband’s beard that she should cut while he was asleep.
He now went to the husband and said that his wife was ready to slit his throat. The husband pretended to sleep. Through half-open eyes he saw the wife coming with a knife and killed her. He was convicted of her murder.
He lost his wife, his wealth and his life; all because of tales that were carried.

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